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Struggling with Social Media Marketing?

You are not alone.

Many female entrepreneurs struggle to harness the power of social media for their businesses. I help women ditch their boring, ignored social media posts for an online presence and personal brand that actually makes them money!


I believe that female entrepreneurs are changing the world. From Jenna Kutcher to Ali Hynek, Barbara Corcoran to Amy Porterfield, whether famous or unknown, women are being empowered to make the world a better place. My passion is to come alongside women whose businesses I believe in, and give them the platform and voice they need to make a difference. I created No Filter in 2019 to to do just that. 

In a boutique style, I bring social media solutions to female entrepreneurs that are ready to take their business to the next level. Wanna learn more? 


I'm Rachel Tenney

Most days you can find me in a Norfolk coffee shop working with a turmeric latte in hand. Pull up a chair, and order the charcoal waffles, they're amazing.


I am a wife to my hunky husband Joe, an HVAC tech and my biggest cheerleader. I am a social media marketing nerd, a C.S. Lewis enthusiast, a podcaster, a storyteller, and a writer. 


Why No Filter?

Lemme tell you what makes us unique and why that's awesome for you!

  • I am a Locally & Privately owned business in Norfolk, VA. What does this mean for you? It means that my reputation relies on YOUR success. You aren't just hiring anyone off the internet, you are hiring someone who has a successful and thriving local business. It ALSO means, I can take you out for coffee or drinks. (YAY strategy parties! 🥂) Wondering if I do remote work? I do. Virtual coffee date, coming right up.

  • I provide boutique, individualized services. I only take on 6 social media management clients at a time, which means that I can give YOU the highest quality customer experience! Not only am I accessible to you, but I can give your account the attention to detail, quality over quantity kind of mindset that your business needs to really shine!  ✨You will never be restricted by a time slot. My clients get full access to ME. You won't be "just a number" to me, we will truly become friends as I partner with you in helping your business reach its full potential!

  • I am a social media marketing *Specialist*.  👏 I only offer a few services. I choose to focus on offering my clients quality over quantity. What does this mean for you? My content is never canned, it is always completely customized to your specific brand and business goals.🍾And because I only offer social media services (as opposed to a marketing firm that does all the things), I am able to invest countless hours into continuing education around my specialty, giving you the finest in social media management. 


"Rachel has a gift of cultivating people by encouraging them to identify what's holding them back, and to lean into that fearful place, to find their authentic voice and who they are meant to be.


She pours herself into people, sticking by them & coaching them through until the desired end result is achieved! She is genuine, and pleasantly persistent in getting you from the limited place you are now, to the place where your dreams run free!!"


“I have absolutely loved the energy and the conviction Rachel brings to our conversations. Her belief in the value that we women can contribute is on clear display in the way she encourages and educates. 


I have learned and benefited so much from my time with Rachel. She helped me gain a greater clarity for my vision and the direction that I want to take my business and I feel like the time that I am able to put into developing it is far more productive because of that.”

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