About Rachel Tenney

Whimsical Visionary

Most days you can find me in a Norfolk coffee shop working with a turmeric latte in hand. Pull up a chair, and order the charcoal waffles; they are amazing.


I am a wife to my hunky husband Joe, an HVAC tech and my biggest cheerleader. I am a social media marketing nerd, a C.S. Lewis enthusiast, a podcaster, a storyteller, and a writer. 

My happiest days are spent with dried mangoes in one hand and a bottle of kombucha in the other, watching a Harry Potter movie with my hubby. ​

I believe that female entrepreneurs are changing the world. From Jenna Kutcher to Ali Hynek, Barbara Corcoran to Amy Porterfield, whether famous or unknown, women are being empowered to make the world a better place. My passion is to come alongside women whose businesses I believe in, and give them the platform and voice they need to make a difference. I created No Filter in 2019 to to do just that. 

About No Filter

What we are all about

No Filter is all about creating a genuine brand, hence the name, #nofilter. My brand represents genuine connection and authenticity in a time when loneliness, comparison, and image control are the norm. I use rough natural textures in my branding as a nod to my whimsical childhood in the forests of Washington state, and as a way to visually show our values of authenticity, community, and the outdoors. 

We help our clients create genuine connection with their audience by helping them to show up in their feeds in a real and honest way. We help you create a visual brand that stands out- no light pink and marble here! (Unless that's what you're all about). We believe that you, being YOU is what will make your brand truly shine. 

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